Parcels sent by Familia Ips travel thousands of kilometers before reaching the recipients. Following the recommendations on parcels packaging ensures that your parcel will be delivered to the addressee in integrity and safety.


The most popular packaging material for sending parcels, packages and other goods. We do not recommend using the boxes again. Buy a new package: used packaging will not always protect the valuable contents of the parcel.

How to properly pack the parcel?

Below you will find some recommendations for parcels packaging.

  • *Do not leave any free space: try not to leave any free space in the box, otherwise the cargo will be able to move in the package, which can lead to deformation of the contents and packaging.
  • * Basic packing method: when using a single wall box, make sure it is strong enough to support the weight of the contents.
    Products that are exposed to moisture or stains should be placed in a strong plastic bag or container for additional protection.
    In case whether you ship multiple items in the same box, they shall be separately packaged and securely separated.
    Fill in all the voids in order to prevent the goods from shifting inside the box during transportation.

What materials can be used for internal packaging?

Common packaging materials are bubble wrap, plastic air bags, cardboard, and granular packaging filler. They all have different properties, so it is important to use them for the appropriate purposes.