Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the “Familia IPS” company


The following terms, conditions and restrictions shall be used and shall regulate the liability

of the parties in the contract on the transportation of consignment, as well as of additional

services concluded between you, as a client, and us, the “Familia IPS” company.

The parties of the contract:

1. “Familia IPS” VAT: 515594869

“Familia IPS”,” the company” “we”,” us”,” our”, “to us”, “by us”– hereinafter referred to as

“Familia IPS” company and the employees of “Familia IPS”, as well as partners, agents or

individuals and legal entities related to the “Familia IPS” company;

2. “Customer”,” you”,” your” “yours”, “beneficiary” – hereinafter referred to as the

consignor and/or consignee, as well as the natural or legal person ordering and paying for the

transportation of consignment.

“Consignment” further means in the contract the parcels, packages, parcel posts - personal or

commercial goods transferred to us by a client who has placed an order to the company and

has been agreed and accepted by us for transportation from one address to another or for

which we have undertaken to provide other services;

“Transportation” of consignment, hereinafter in the contract is a set of operations and

services provided by us in relation to the transportation of consignment; services limited to

the acceptance of consignment, transportation of consignment, customs formalities for export

/ import executed in case of need and the delivery of consignment to the final recipient, in

accordance with the contract.

“Other services” hereinafter means all services other than consignment transportation

services provided by us, including, but not limited to the services of storage, sorting,

combining, consolidation, packaging, installation, additional services and transportation


“Prohibited items” - means any goods, materials or means of transport prohibited by the

laws, rules, regulations or instructions of the country of origin and/or destination, as well as

any other country through which the consignment is transported;

“Invoice”, “receipt” hereinafter, referred to in the contract – as a declarative financial

document filled in and signed by the client and/or drawn up by the representative of the

company from the client’s words, which states the following: full details of the sender and

recipient, the list of consignment items, prescription, weight and estimated cost of the

consignment, and also declares that the client has read and agrees with all the terms,

conditions and restrictions of this contract.


1.Executor - “Familia IPS” company VAT: 515594869

2. The client - natural or legal person.

Subject matter of the contract: definition of relations

The client concludes a transportation contract or a contract for the provision of certain

services, as appropriate, with the “Familia IPS” company, which took over the customer’s

goods. According to the contract, the client agrees to the delivery of the consignment for

transportation and/or provision of additional services, which involve the processing and

transportation of the consignment or of a part thereof, under the conditions established by us.

By signing the receipt/ invoice accompanying the consignment, the client also confirms that

he/she is informed about the terms, conditions and restrictions of the company.


Upon consignment transportation by the “Familia IPS” company, the client understands and

accepts the conditions established in the transportation contract and/or additional services,

personally, as well as on behalf of another person who might be interested in this

consignment; or in connection with the additional services provided, regardless of whether

the transporation contract is signined or not. Our terms and conditions also apply to any other

subcontracting entity that collects, transports, delivers goods or provides additional services

requested, as well as to the employees of “Familia IPS” company. Only an employee, agent

or subcontractor authorized by the “Familia IPS” company can amend the terms and

conditions in writing, with the signature of both parties. Shall the client send a consignment

or a document with verbal or written instructions, which do not comply with these conditions,

the “Familia IPS” company shall not be obliged to comply with such instructions.


4.1 In case if a different type of contract has been concluded between us and the Client, these

terms and conditions shall apply to the contract concluded between the Client and us in

respect of the consignment transportation obligations under this contract.

4.2 Upon the conclusion with us of any type of contract, the client agrees to the following:

the Company reserves the exclusive right to determine the type of consignment

transportation. The purpose of the exclusive right of the company is to optimize the transit

time of consignment delivery.

Due to the fact that the security and control of the goods services carried out at the airport

operate according to restricted criteria, in order to permit or prohibit the air transportation of

goods, for avoiding the additional costs, storage of goods in the airport terminals, fines

imposed by to the client, according to the accompanying documents, the company reserves

the right to change partially or totally the type of transport.


5.1 We do not transport or provide additional services in respect of consignments that are, on

our own discretion, or are admitted as dangerous, including, but not limited to, consignments

that are displayed in the specifications of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization),

IATA (International Air Transport Association), IMDG Code (International Maritime

Dangerous Goods Code), European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of

Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders ‘

Associations) or other national or international legal acts regulating the shipping of dangerous

goods or the provision of other services in relation to dangerous goods.


5.2 The Client understands, guarantees and confirms by this contract that the consignment

does not contain prohibited items as specified in Annex 17, ICAO or other national or

international regulations governing aviation / maritime security. The client must also provide

a full description of the contents of the consignment in the shipping contract

(declaration/invoice) or in any other accompanying documents related to the transportation,

which does not limit the client’s responsibility to provide this information.


5.3 All consignments transported and handled by “Familia IPS” company are subject to

security controls and compliance with the rules, restrictions and provisions of international

agreements governing the transportation of goods. The consignment is subject to

examinations and may include the use of X-ray equipment, scanning equipment, for the

presence of explosives and narcotic substances and other security control methods, including

physical inspection. Upon the conclusion of the contract, the client understands and agrees

that the consignment may be subjected to control at any transit point.

5.4 “Familia IPS” does not accept for transportation consignments containing prohibited

items. The Client undertakes not to use the services provided by Familia IPS for any illegal

purposes. The client understands and undertakes to accurately and fully indicate in the

invoice all the data related to the consignment, as well as to correctly indicate the contact

information of the consignor and the consignee. The consignor must ensure proper packaging

and marking of consignment places, description and classification of the contents of each

place of consignment and attach the necessary documentation for each consignment place (in

each separate case), so that they apply for transportation and comply with the requirements of

legislation in force.

5.5 The competent bodies of the country of consignment, destination or transit have the right

to request information, including your personal data, in relation to your consignment for

customs processing and/or security reasons.

5.6. In the event that “Familia IPS” company becomes aware that, without the express written

consent of Familia IPS, a consignment has been transported with a value exceeding the

amount indicated in the invoice, an additional transportation fee equivalent to 5% of the value

of the consignment is applied to other applicable tariffs and any other charges in compliance

with these Conditions.


6.1 The Client undertakes the responsibility and guarantees compliance with all applicable

export control laws, including, but not limited to, regulations prohibiting unauthorized trade

in military products and other strategic goods and services, as well as financial and

commercial transactions with individuals and legal entities operating in countries from,

through or over which the Client’s consignment may be transported, or rules and regulations

providing for the conditions under which certain technologies, information and goods may be

transported to, from, through or over the country in which the transportation is carried out.

6.2 The Client also guarantees to “Familia IPS” company that the consignor and/or

consignee, as well as the individual or legal entity ordering and paying for the consignment

transportation, are not listed in any of the United Nations sanctions programs, in regional and

national programs implementing and/or supplementing such programs, as well as in the lists

of any autonomous rules on the introduction of the above measures.

6.3 The Client understands, agrees and undertakes, during the examination by the export or

import controlling services, to provide the relevant services with all the necessary documents

and information on demand.

6.4 The Client understands, agrees and guarantees to be financially responsible for

compliance with the export/ import rules and regulations, as well as certification and

licensing requirements pertaining to consignment, obtain all required licenses and permits

and ensure that the recipient is authorized by the laws of the country of consignment,

destination and any other country under the jurisdiction of which the consignment is


6.5 “Familia IPS” company is not responsible to the client or any other person for the client’s

actions, for the client’s failure to comply with the laws, rules and regulations on

export/import control, sanctions, restrictive measures and prohibitions.

6.6 The Client agrees that any state authority, including customs and security authorities, and

the company, at the request of the above-mentioned authorities, have the right to subject the

transported consignment to physical inspection at any transit point.



The weekends, public holidays and bank holidays, delays caused by customs clearance,

delays related to compliance with local security requirements, as well as other events beyond

our control are not included in the door-to-door transit time specified by us. The choice of the

consignment transportation route is exclusively the prerogative of the “Familia IPS”



8.1 By this contract, the client appoints “Familia IPS” company as its intermediary agent for

the customs clearance formalities. Shall “Familia IPS” subcontract such activity, via this

contract the client confirms that “Familia IPS” company may appoint a customs agent to

carry out the customs clearance. Shall the customs authorities require the provision of

additional documents in order to confirm the customs declarations for import/export or for

our right to carry out customs clearance, the provision of the required documents shall be

made by the client at its own expense.

8.2 Hereby, the client accepts and confirms that all statements and information regarding

export and import are correct and trustworthy. The client accepts and acknowledges that in

case the information about the consignment or its contents is unreliable, a civil action may be

filed against him, or may be prosecuted, therefore, he may be sanctioned with a fine and/or

partial or full forfeiture of consignment and the subsequent liquidation of the consignment or

return of the consignment (fully/partially) depending on the decision of the customs and other

state services in the country of transit or in the country of consignment arrival. “Familia IPS”

may, on a voluntary basis, assist in the implementation of customs clearance and other

logistic procedures. “Familia IPS” is in no way the owner of the consignment and is not

responsible for the information about the contents of the consignment, the estimated value of

the consignment, etc., received from the sender of the consignment. All customs duties,

government fees and fines (if any) shall be charged to the client’s account. The client

undertakes to protect the company from claims that may be filed against the “Familia IPS”

company, complaints in connection with the information provided by the client and any costs

that may arise in connection with this fact, give us the right to demand payment of expenses

related to the service provided.

8.3. In case if “Familia IPS” is required to pay any taxes, duties, or charges on behalf of the

consignor, consignee, or third party, the payment method selected indicates that the

consignee or third party must make any payments, or any taxes, duties, penalties, fees, or

expenses imposed lawfully or unlawfully by state authorities, or incurred by “Familia IPS” as

a result of any circumstances, including the failure of the consignor or consignee to provide

correct information and documentation, or any permits or licenses required in connection

with the transportation, the consignor shall jointly and severally with the consignee and third

party be liable for the payment of such amounts. In the case when the chosen payment

method involves sending an invoice for payment first to the consignee or a third party, the

“Familia IPS” company shall first require the payment of the corresponding amount from the

consignee or the third party (without limiting the contractual liability of the consignor to

make payments). In the event that the specified amount is not immediately paid in full to

“Familia IPS” company by any of the above mentioned parties, this amount is payable by the

consignor upon the first written request. In any other case, the consignor hereby undertakes to

pay the specified amounts to “Familia IPS” company on first demand. “Familia IPS”

company is not obligated to separately collect payments from the consignee or any third


8.4 “Familia IPS” company shall make all necessary efforts to optimize the process of

customs clearance of the consignment, but cannot be held responsible for delays, losses and

damages resulting from the actions of customs or other public authorities.


The “Familia IPS” company shall deliver the consignment to the consignee, or to another

person who, according to the company, has the authority to receive the consignment on

behalf of the consignee (such as persons who are in the same building as the consignee). In

case if such a person is not available, the consignment may be left in the consignee’s mailbox

(if applicable), delivered to neighbors, unless the consignor has excluded such a method of

delivery by using an appropriate additional service. The consignee must be informed of any

alternative means of delivery (or forwarding).

Regardless of what was stated in the previous section and unless otherwise agreed with the

consignor, the “Familia IPS” company may use any alternative method of delivery chosen by

the consignee in accordance with the terms of the company and any other agreement between

“Familia IPS” company and the consignee. Such alternative delivery methods include,

without limitation, redirection of consignment delivery to an alternative address, allowing the

driver to leave the consignment at the consignee’s premises, changing the type of service

chosen by the consignor, or changing the delivery time. The consignor also agrees that the

consignee may receive information on delivery in relation to the consignment. The consignor

expressly refuses any claims against “Familia IPS” company that may arise from the fact that

the company follows any such instructions provided by the consignee. The company has the

right to use electronic devices to obtain confirmation of delivery, and the consignor agrees

that no claim can be made against “Familia IPS” company solely on the basis that the

delivery of the consignment is confirmed by a printout of the consignee’s signature received

and stored in electronic variant.

Unless the Convention rules or other mandatory provisions of national legislation provide

otherwise, the “Familia IPS” company shall not be liable in any circumstances for the

suspension of consignment, forwarding of delivery (to another consignee or to another

address other than that indicated on the consignment note) or for the return of the

consignment to the consignor and in case the “Familia IPS” company makes efforts but is

unable to carry out these actions, “Familia IPS” company is not responsible for any eventual

losses resulted.


The client guarantees the following:

- The contents of the consignment (including, but not limited to weight or number of items

related to the client’s consignment) corresponds to the description and the invoice, the

contents of the consignment to be correctly labeled, and the labeling to be firmly attached by

the client in a visible place on the outer surface of the package of the consignment, in such a

way that it would be easily noticed; the client guarantees that all consignments delivered for

transportation in accordance with these conditions correspond to international restrictions.

The consignor must accurately and fully indicate all the data entered in the invoice, waybill,

and correctly indicate the contact information of the consignor and the consignee. The

consignor must ensure proper packaging and mark the places of consignment, description and

classification of the contents of each place of consignment and to attach the necessary

documentation for each place of consignment (in each case separately) so that such would

apply for transportation and comply with the requirements of the Reference Book and

applicable law.

- The contents of the consignment to be prepared, as well as securely and neatly packed, in

order to protect against the usual risks during transportation, sorting and/or handling of the


- The client has to specify the exact weight of the consignment and shall provide any special

equipment for loading or unloading it from the vehicle of the “Familia IPS” company;

- The contents of the consignment are limited by the rules, permissions or prohibitions of

IATA, ICAO, IMDG, ADR or FIATA and by the prohibitive regulations of the customs or

other state services both in the country of consignment and throughout the duration of

transportation of the consignment through transit countries.



11.1.1. The “Familia IPS” company has the right to process personal data provided by the

consignor or the consignee and reserves the exclusive right to transfer such data to other

associated companies and subcontractors of “Familia IPS” company, including in other

countries that may have a level of personal data protection, different from the level of the

country where the consignor transferred the consignment to “Familia IPS”, and to process it

there in the cases and to the extent that such transfer and processing of data in such countries

is required for the provision of agreed consignment delivery services.

The consignor guarantees th receipt of personal data that the consignor has provided to

“Familia IPS” company for the transportation in a lawful manner, is authorized to provide

such data to “Familia IPS” company, in the cases and to the extent that such transfer and

processing of personal data in such countries is required for the provision of agreed delivery

services, and has received the informed and specific consent from the consignee so that

“Familia IPS” company may send the consignee an electronic and in other format the

notification related to the agreed delivery services.

The “Familia IPS” company uses the personal data of the consignor provided by the

consignor in accordance with the Privacy Notice.

In addition, the consignor guarantees that it has received informed and specific consent of the

consignee on the fact that “Familia IPS” company may use the personal data of the consignee

in accordance with the above-mentioned Privacy Notice of “Familia IPS” company, as

amended on the date of shipment of the consignment, on the use in a different way than

indicated above.

11.1.2. Subject to the provisions in accordance with the requirements of the Reference book

specified below, the liability of “Familia IPS” company for any loss, damage or delay during

transportation is limited as follows:

11.1.3 In case the parcel is in whole or in part transported by air and the final destination of

transportation or stopover is in a country other than that of departure of the air transport, the

provisions of the Warsaw Convention of 1929 (as amended by the Hague Protocol as of

1955), Protocol No. 4 of the Montreal Convention (1975) or the Montreal Convention as of

1999 shall apply. These international agreements regulate and limit the liability for loss,

damage or late delivery of the consignment to 19 special drawing rights per 1 kg of


11.1.4. The “Familia IPS” company is not responsible for the risks associated with currency


11.1.5 The “Familia IPS” company shall not be liable for any unfair or fraudulent acts

committed on behalf of the recipient, including, but not limited to, payments made with

counterfeited bills or a forged cheque or a cheque that was later refused payment, or cheques

incorrectly filled in by the recipient.

11.1.6 In the case of application of the Warsaw Convention or of Convention on International

Transport of Goods, or of national legislation that adopted or recognized the obligation of

such conventions (hereinafter referred to as Convention regulations) or in case (and in part)

of application of other imperative provisions of the national legislation, the liability of

“Familia IPS” follows to be determined, and the size of it – to the limitation in compliance

with the indicated applicable rules.

11.1.7 In the event that the Convention regulations or other mandatory provisions of the

national legislation do not apply, “Familia IPS” is liable only for the actions committed in the

absence of reasonable care and due professionalism, solely on the basis of these Conditions.

To the extent permitted by the applicable law, the amount of such liability of “Familia IPS “is

limited to the amount of proven damages and does not exceed $ 80 per one consignment,

except the cases where a greater value of the consignment was specified by the sender in

accordance with the paragraph below.

11.1.8 Except the cases where the Convention regulations or other mandatory national laws

do not provide otherwise, “Familia IPS” shall not be responsible for financial losses such as

the cost of alternative transport, loss of profits, loss of favorable economic opportunities or

income, loss due to non-use of the consignment, caused by any loss, damage of consignment

or place of the consignment, or delay in the delivery, regardless of whether the value of such

consignment was declared in accordance with clause 13.1.5. The “Familia IPS” company is

not responsible for damage to or loss of any package. In cases where the conventions apply

or where other mandatory national laws apply to the same extent, the liability of the “Familia

IPS” company shall be regulated and limited in accordance with the applicable rules.


12.1 “Familia IPS” is not liable for any indirect loss or damage (loss of income, profits,

markets, reputation, opportunities, etc.), even if it knew that such losses may arise, as well as

for other indirect losses, special or related, among other things, with the violation of the terms

of contract, negligence, imprudence or premeditation.

12.2 “Familia IPS” is not responsible for the failure to fulfill any obligations that occurred as

a result of:

12.2.1 circumstances beyond our control, such as:

 natural disasters: earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, floods, fires, epidemics, fogs,

snowfall or frost;

 force majeure, including (but not limited to): wars, disasters, strikes, embargoes, local

conflicts, risks associated with air transportation, acts of civil disobedience, etc.;

 interruptions in the operation of local or national air and ground communication

networks, technical malfunctions in transport and equipment;

 hidden defects or manufacturing defects in the contents of the consignment;

 criminal acts of third parties, such as theft and arson.

12.2.2 The commission of actions or omissions by third parties such as:

 if the customer (or any other party that claims an interest in the consignment and that

forces the customer not to comply with the terms of the contract) does not fulfill its

obligations under these terms and conditions, as well as the guarantees set out in the

client’s obligations clause of the “Familia IPS “Terms and Conditions” in respect of

the consignment.

 any action or inaction of customs authorities, airports or persons representing state


12.2.3 if the contents of the parcel or part of it is on the list of prohibited items, even if the

parcel was accepted for transportation by mistake;

12.2.4 refusal of “Familia IPS” company to make any illegal payments on behalf of the client.

12.3 accordingly, we are not regular transport operators and do not assume the responsibility

of regular transport operators.


Notification of all claims against “Familia IPS” company shall be made in writing and within

a reasonable time, but in any case, no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the

consignment in the event of damage caused to the consignment. (including its partial loss),

and in case of loss - within 90 days from the moment when the consignment was transferred

to the “Familia IPS” company for transportation, according to the Reference book, except in

cases where otherwise provided by the Convention Rules or other imperative regulations of

national legislation. In addition, all claims against “Familia IPS” in connection with any

consignment are determined and limited by the limitations period, except in cases where legal

proceedings are initiated and written notice of such proceedings is served to “Familia IPS”

company within six months after receipt of the relevant consignment or, in cases where the

consignment was not received, within six months after the date on which the consignment

should have been delivered. This provision does not affect the rights that the consignor may

have under the Convention Rules or other imperative regulations of the national law.

“Familia IPS” shall assume that the consignment was delivered in a good condition, unless

the consignee detects external damage and indicates otherwise in the consignment note upon

receipt of the consignment. To review the claim, it is neccesary to provide “Familia IPS”

company with the contents of the package and the original packaging for inspection.

In the event of a claim, the parcel must be rejected for acceptance by the consignee and

returned by a representative of the company to the distribution warehouse for independent

examination purpose.

The parcel / consignment cannot be considered as lost for at least 60 days from the date of

notification of non-delivery. “Familia IPS” can reduce this period by signing an agreement

with the client on reducing this period.

Shall any rule or condition be declared invalid or unenforceable, such decision shall not

affect the other terms of this contract, which shall remain in force.

In accordance with all applicable conventions, disputes arising in connection with this

contract shall be resolved by the court of the country in which our company is located, the

nearest branch or representative of “Familia IPS”, that initially accepted the consignment or

provided the requested services.


The client guarantees to not allow third parties, interested in the consignment, to make claims

related to the consignment or initiate legal proceedings against us, even if they were

determined by the negligence of “Familia IPS” company, and, if a claim does occur, the

client undertakes to bear all costs associated with its consequences.


15.1 The Client agrees to pay our tariffs (including any other additional taxes related to the

consignment) for transportation between the points specified in the transportation contract or

for other services provided by “Familia IPS” company, together with the corresponding value

added tax,if any, within 15 days from the date the invoice was issued, without any

deductions, discounts, counterclaims, or any other type of deduction.

15.2 Transportation tariffs or tariffs related to additional services shall be calculated in

accordance with the tariffs applicable to the client’s transportation, in accordance with the

tariffs that were established separately with him or her or in accordance with the concluded

contract. The tariffs of the “Familia IPS” company are valid and they can be found at the

Information Center (Call-Center) of the company.

15.3 The rates for transportation and other services are set out in the annex to the contract

and, if they are not paid before the consignment dispatch, must be paid within 7 days after

receipt of the invoice or in such other period, as it shall be agreed in writing by the consignor

and “Familia IPS” company.

“Familia IPS” has the right to check the actual and/or volumetric weight of the goods, and in

case of exceeding the declared weight, to issue invoices based on the actual weight. Unless

otherwise provided, for the purposes of the matter under consideration, the invoice shall be

considered received three business days after the date it was issued.

15.4 All import duties, value added tax and all other charges imposed on parcels in the

country of destination are immediately paid by the recipient at the first request of the

company. If the recipient refuses to pay, the consignor undertakes to pay all payments in full

within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the express notification that the recipient refused

to pay.

15.5 The door-to-door delivery rates provided to the client include a simplified customs

clearance procedure. “Familia IPS” reserves the right to charge an additional fee in the event

of additional customs actions pertaining to the consignment, which require additional time

and administrative costs.

15.6 In some countries, additional duties may apply for complex Customs operations that

include, but are not limited to, consignment requiring:

15.6.1 Customs actions in respect of more than three items of goods;

15.6.2 Customs obligations or the need to deliver items under customs obligations;

15.6.3 Temporary import privileges;

15.6.4 Customs representation that requires the participation of state authorities, other than

customs authorities.

In some countries, “Familia IPS” can make advance customs payments on behalf of the

importer, import duties or other taxes, and if this service also includes a local administrative

fee, it is billed to the recipient or, if the recipient refuses to pay, it is billed to the sending


15.7 The Client may give special instructions for invoicing or agree with the recipient or a

third party that he/she shall pay for the transportation, as well as other taxes, additional fees,

fines, etc.that may arise in connection with the transportation. Shall the consignee or other

party refuse to pay for the transportation, the client undertakes to pay all related costs within

48 hours from the moment the client is notified about the refusal of the recipient to pay.

15.8 The invoice issued by the “Familia IPS” company for the services provided does not

include a copy of the delivery confirmation (which can be provided electronically by

agreement) or other additional documents.

15.9 “Familia IPS” may send an invoice, for the services rendered, in electronic form, by e-

mail, on the basis of a contract signed by the client. Shall the client request a hard copy of the

invoice, “Familia IPS” reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for the provision of

this service.

15.10 The invoice issued by the “Familia IPS” company for the services provided must be

paid in the currency specified in the invoice or, if not specified, in the local currency, at the

exchange rate specified by “Familia IPS” company.

15.11 “Familia IPS” reserves the right, for any delivery made via “Familia IPS” company at

any given time, to withhold from the amount received from the sale any other amount that the

Client owes to “Familia IPS” company.

15.12 The Client is responsible for paying all taxes and other expenses, including stamp

duties, applicable, depending on the transportation or other services, as well as in connection

with the issuance of documents, including the consignment document.